tanka for tuesday


a monk of the mist

I turn into lamp fairy

as the sun goes down

I shall whisper to the clouds

if you tell me a story

I have attempted my first tanka ever. Long verse has always been my comfort zone. But haiku/tanka and other short forms have been my guilty pleasure. I have adhered to the 5-7-5-7-7 format and tried to pen something that reads both back and forth. I hope I have maintained the sanctity of the form.

The city that appears as pious as a monk in the morning mist transforms into a fairy of the lamps. The wicks are raised and lit, and it’s storytelling time. Our stories do have the potential to touch the sky.

Happy tanka tuesday!


6 thoughts on “tanka for tuesday

    1. Thank you. Your appreciation means a lot. Getting the count right while keeping the brevity is quite tricky. In awe of people who do it effortlessly. This took a while to get right! Happy we are in this together!

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