How to go…in a poem

Going is a responsible task. We go out of a space physically, mentally or metaphysically or in any ratio of proportion of the three. If we haven’t gone well we haven’t gone at all. We are lingering around… sweet, bitter or bittersweet. Most of us know how to go when we know where to go. But knowing how to go when we just have to go, without knowing where to, is the real challenge. Sounds complex but breaking it down to basics makes it much easier. The inevitable part is that we must go and that we do not know where to go. So the only part that remains to be tackled is how to go. By default we are all allowed only to go gracefully, and without much chaos…inner I mean.

Simply trust the fact that we find our silence, if not silence finds us sooner or later, and we dissolve into it. Also trust the fact that problems have a shelf life too. Whether it’s the people, or problems, or both, each one comes with an expiry date and a handling instruction. We might completely miss the latter as it’s cryptic. If not read well the going might get really tough.

[An aside about problem- be careful with whom you share your problem. I have heard people say, initially they had one and three more for having shared with three dear ones. There’s no need to say they ended up solving the later three all their life and the first one was only fate’s bait!]

Coming back to going, I have observed that some unhappy, unpleasant people never go. Especially when they don’t take themselves completely with them. Their words and deeds, fossils in time.

After me…
to keep me away from you
start today…start now
forget making memories with me!
If you are the blessed one
when I go
I will take myself completely with me.
Until then what we have
is a demon shadow on the wall
threatening to eat
your already dwindling hope
and my sinking light.

Have a wonderful week. What may come and what may go is only for the weak!


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