Haiku- haiku corner (Japan Society) and failed haiku journal

Haiku corner is The Japan Society’s ongoing project of collaborative poetry bringing together UK and Japan through the creative power of haiku.

I am thankful to the Haiku Corner team and Laura of Japan Society for including mine in the current week’s selected haiku.

Since the arrival of spring the neem trees brimming with little star flowers! Tomorrow we usher in the new year by savouring these medicinal flowers 🙏😊

The current edition of failed haiku journal includes two of my haiku along with other beautiful haiku! 😊

This issue has a warm editor’s note from Mike Rehling. Many thanks and warm regards Mike Rehling 🙏😊

I have been learning and enjoying the journey of exploring the haiku form.

Going where poetry takes and doing what poetry takes !

Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Ugadi (New Year) to all who are celebrating tomorrow 🙏😊


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