October poems

The festival of lights is here once again! Poetry, as always, lighting up our souls.

I feel blessed to be able to share my haiku, senryu, haiga, haibun and short poetry from Modern Haiku Journal, Fresh Out Mag, Five Fleas (Itchy poetry blog), Haiku Dialogue, The other bunny and Our Best Haiga. Heartfelt gratitude to the editors of all these wonderful journals, Paul Miller- Modern Haiku Journal, Eric Lohman – Fresh Out Mag, Five Fleas – Roberta Beach Jacobson, Johannes Bjerg – The Other Bunny, Lavana Kray – Our Best Haiga, John S Green – Haiku Dialogue (The Haiku Foundation), Julie Bloss Kelsey – New to Haiku (The Haiku Foundation).

I started writing haiku with Ronovan’s Weekly haiku prompts. I must thank thank them for introducing me to haiku. I started with 5/7/5 traditional haiku and very much enjoyed interacting with fellow poets on Ronovan’s. Then Pure Haiku published one of my haiku and the next was Haikuniverse. Thanks to the editors Freya Pickard and Rick Lupert for making space for my poems.

Since then I have been attempting the contemporary non- 5/7/5 haiku, haiga, haibun and tanka. In the process I have been discovering more and more of myself. I do write free verse too, It’s homecoming!

All the images are digital paintings by me using Procreate tools.

Thank you all for being part of my journey so far. Pleased to share these –

Haiga- Fresh Out Mag

Haiga – Our Best Haiga

Haiga – Fresh Out Mag

Haiga – Our Best Haiga

Haiga – Fresh Out Mag

Haiku/ Haiga – Five Fleas

Senryu/ Haiga – Haiku Dialogue

Senryu – Five Fleas

Senryu – Five Fleas

Senryu – Five Fleas

Senryu – Five Fleas

Monoku – Modern haiku Journal

Haibun – The Other Bunny

Haibun – The Other Bunny

Monoku – Digital art with procreate

Short poem – Five Fleas

New to Haiku is a regular feature on The Haiku Foundation website. Please visit this link to read this wonderful collection of poems edited by Julie Bloss Kelsey which features poems reflecting the self, by amazing poets whose works I admire and look up to. Fortunate to have one of mine listed alongside!


Introduction to the Haiku Mixer!

I also received a digital copy of the Sakura Haiku Anthology which carries poems from the Sakura Haiku Challenge hosted by Office of The Consulate General of Japan. Blessed to have two of my haiku anthologized in the same.

Sakura Haiku Anthology Cover Page

My haiku from the anthology

I am hoping to catch up with regular blogging in the days to come…festive season, moving house, daughter and family visiting us…next couple of months.

Meanwhile happy blogging and poetry time! Have a great Thanksgiving, Diwali and any festival you may be celebrating. Cheers!


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      1. You’re welcome Daya 🤗💛 I am pleased you’ve come across my comment. We, women wear so many caps ,we hardly have time to breathe. Don’t say sorry. Happy Valentine’s Day! Much love ❤️

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