Haiku- reignbow

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arches true colours
against the anarchic sky
a recurring hunch

Election news blaring, cannot help but carve a political haiku. The pandemic has blunted the senses but not so much as to not cut their games.

Hands that dream of holding the reins promise rainbows. And then it’s the reign of the fittest!

But none can take away our piece of sky. And our hope to soon see our loved ones and us healing.

Summer haiku

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nose melting away

mountain vows you are Sunner

Summer’s some other

While life seems to be slipping away from closed fists, more hopeful things are happening elsewhere. Winter writes ice haikus on mountains and Summer willingly gives them away to the lakes. Lakes send cloud haikus back to the sky and Monsoons again give them away to the lakes. Seasoned so, we learn …life never ceases in reality. So do haikus. Metamorphosis!

My haiku says she would rather have an apostrophe.

What a catastrophe has been averted!

Have a haikuful day 🙂

Dream march

Dream marches are made of star dust. Winters bring down the curtains on our dreams a bit too soon. Dawn waits in the aisles of coffee nights to invade upon the grand finales of our rainbow dreams, greying the most colorful bit. Definitely not how we want our night long effort to fade out!

How about floating our dreams a bit early, so the stars may carry them on their wings? Beat the blues, dream early, catch the rainbow on time.

pic from pixabay for the weekly Ronovan haiku prompt – dream, march.

I had been chasing a dream…of seeing my second poetry book. After a long wait it has come true. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Kindly excuse me if all my posts run around and stop at my poetry book. I am not sure how well my book does commercially but having it done gives me immense joy.

yawning dawn 🙂

winter’s dawn marches

stars of cerulean sky hide

until it’s dream time

Have a clear cerulean week ahead and happy dreaming 🙂


Infant 2020 smiles at us awing us with it’s toothless grins. Parenting a new born is no less a challenge. It’s going to throw tantrums, cry and mess up our sweet plans a bit. Growing old with it will be a roller coaster ride. There will be a childhood of dreams and expectations, and a coming of age marked with acceptance. Then settles an adult grace.

The ritual of old making place for new keeps rolling. In the process we learn, adapt and embrace the stark seasons. We smile through rough weather. Just like the ashes. The leaf scars of these trees resemble a big smile.

This haiku for Ronovan prompt ashes and cocoon.

Pc- Pixabay

new year ritual

cocooned in winter ashes

smiles wait the spring

Have a great week full of hope and smiles 🙂


Being optimistic is the only way to beat the blues. Keep the hope star shining and trust all is/will be well! Welcome the new year with a big bear positive hug.

This week’s Ronovan prompt words are hope and star. Pic courtesy- Pixabay

Winter, Snowfall, Woman, Christmas, Fee, Fairy Tales

hope sparkles up there

benevolent of all stars

blessed be us all

Wish all those who celebrate a blessed Xmas and sparkling New Year. May 2020 light up your lives and bring in loads of cheer 🙂


The sky puts up a show every evening for brave folks who sustain the freezing mornings. Evenings…the only colors of an otherwise mundane winter life. Live crimson while it lasts.

A haiku for Ronovan weekly prompt ‘mundane – wicked’. It seemed challenging to bring the two unwieldy characters together. They look like they are tolerating each other in my haiku. Thanks for the harmony folks! Christmas is turning everyone into fairies 🙂

humdrum winter grey

rolls out a crimson evening

wicked finale

Thanks for stopping by. Have a christmassy crimson week.


The same way as we are tailored to maintain an outwardly calm face, nature follows its own code of conduct. Who can sense a storm churning in the sea’s belly! Teary clouds give away hidden grief now and then. Else it’s a well groomed calmness. It’s a wonder how we as humans, and nature as a force of life, exist in such conflicting avatars. One constantly keeping the other in check. Only when the sea breaks do we know what had been hiding behind the angelic smile.

This haiku is for Ronovan weekly haiku prompt placid & wild. Picture by Simone Dasgoni (Pexels)

storm simmers within

uncanny tranquility

gentlemanly sea

Have a smooth sailing week ahead 🙂

Days are getting cold, nights colder. Stay warm and take care!


It’s only human to think that our existence has impacted our surroundings, and we are here to leave an undying impression. On the contrary, what we gather in a lifetime is a mere understanding, most times a petty fraction, of the environment we live in. While we must be jubilant of the path we have traveled, of the marks we have left on time, and of our ability to sustain life in totality, we must know we are all controlled by a larger force. Our achievements, our findings, our understanding are as vulnerable and temporary as the patterns the wind creates on sand.

But winds must blow across the deserts, new patterns must form. Sand is the wind’s kaleidoscope! Dunes must fall and rise, and touch the sky. History may be prone to haze but we must walk the sands.

This haiku for Ronovan’s weekly prompt sand and haze. This picture from my album, brought back memories of golden dunes sparkling under the Dubai Sun.

spoor in sandy haze

rises to the Sun-

windblown history

Have a golden week ahead!


Wake up with a song on your lips like the morning bird. Rather than saying all we have to ourselves is a new day , sing we have a new day all to ourselves. Everything is either taken or given.

Haiku for the Ronovan weekly prompt mess and intense, almost hanging from the edge of a hectic week.


blackbird dawn chorus

quiets the inner chaos

launches fresh fervor

Have a freshly baked week. Stay healthy and smile through!