Autumn Moon Haiku

Years ago I painted a vase in poster colours during my art workshop at Nirmal Studio. The vase in sparkling prussian blue with a golden rim sat quietly in the backdrop of scarlet drape. I framed it few days later and now it hangs in my drawing room. I never realized then I just sealed its destiny, stealing from it the very purpose it was created.

Whenever I look at the vase I think of all the possibilities if it weren’t a painted vase. Spring comes and goes but this vase will never hold flowers.

Sharing here my haiku that was published in the wonderful Autumn Moon Haiku Journal. I gave my vase an autumn moon haiku to hold…almost flowers!

Do read the rest of the haiku poems here edited by the very kind, inspiring and encouraging editor Bruce Ross.

The current issue has a beautiful message of hope and strength by editor Bruce Ross. Do read along.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Happy writing 🙂