A year without you…

Few lines in your name…


(A tribute)


You conquer the barriers of both worlds

and wing into my dreams now and again

drawn by the yearning of my soul, as ever.

Why then did we suddenly cease

to count you amongst us!

Your loving memories are eternal

fragrant blooms of my mindscape.

They smile, mirror your grace and beauty.

The gates open to your jasmine smiles,

the silent rhythm of your unhurried gait,

the prudence of your rare words.

What a festive spread you left behind!

Yet without you I see only the moors.

You are my soft-spoken angel

now and forever.

How you bring the moon’s calm,

the serenity to troubled waters!

I wander in pursuit of that magic.

Agony haunts my tired feet

how do I live bereft of you!

You have sown life’s lessons

all along the paths you walked.

I, a bird of those trees

look to the sky in an unending wait

that you come one last time.

One last soul talk and I will bid you farewell

One last time I shall bow to your feet

and I will bid you farewell.

May your sweet memories sail us through

may your life be our guiding light!

Time stands still in your absence

it would be my Spring if life stirs again.

I will know then that you are back

I will know you are somewhere close

standing by my side and smiling at me.

I have set out on a journey of ups and downs

of twists and turns hidden in haze.

Bless me to be fearless, bless me with strength.

To the only Goddess I know

I offer my infinite salutations and pray,

may they be forever,

your Kshama (forgiveness),

Krupa (mercy)

and Daya (kindness).

To all those who lost their loved ones, to all those who are learning to live again!

Hold on to hope with a prayer on your lips.

May health and happiness find you again!