Travelling with poetry…

into the new year! Tying up the loose ends, and knitting the fringes of a setting year with the rising one. Though poetry makes it a seamless journey, there shall be pauses and lulls and line breaks. Taking it all as it comes…here we stand at the threshold of another verse trying to decipher the lyrics of a song yet to unfold.

Wish you all a very happy new year. I am sure He plans to keep us all strong for the spread.


This poem Incognito from Free Verse Revolution. Thanks to Kristiana for including this piece.


Poetry update- accepted by Free Verse Revolution

Excited to share with you all that my poem has found home in Free Verse Revolution Issue IV: hades (the unseen). It was pure fun and fulfilment writing on this theme! Looking forward to the release of the upcoming issue on Hades. We shall be treated to some awesome poetry I am sure. Meanwhile do check out the earlier issues

Thanks to Kristiana Reed for the appreciation, and acceptance of my poem.

Those of you who haven’t stepped into the world of Hades and Persephone do hit the net and choose to lose your way out of the dark alleys.

Happy Monday. Stay healthy and smiling!