#hegemony- from the archives of IVJ- 2016

The time I wrote this the country was seeing extreme political upheaval. Even the common man who generally has his head into a regular tax-paying job, typical middle class family issues, work deadlines and an occasional weekend outburst over governance, knit his brows, clenched his fist and teeth and got into cynical name-calling mode. It had to be right or left, and center was called fence-sitting. Sanity went for a toss and it just got too personal when family gatherings too split into right and left. Perhaps someone too cynical I met triggered off this verse from me. It featured in the Indiana Voice Journal Dec 2016 issue. Thinking back I feel happy I wrote it and got it off my chest.

I am trying to collect screenshots of my published poems. Lucky that IVR is going strong and I found this piece. Another one , ‘identity’ featured along with the above is right below.

Indiana Voice Journal Dec 2016- from the archives

Happy wednesday and go to poetry anytime. It’s like homecoming!