Kontinuum – Contemporary Haiku

Pleased to have my haiku published in this amazing journal of contemporary haiku. More about Kontinuum here- https://haikukontinuum.com/

Do visit this link to read the current issue https://haikukontinuum.com/aktualis/ which has a special feature on the wonderful writer and poet Kurt Vonnegut, book reviews and other forms of short poetry other than haiku and senryu. Joy to have two haiku in the Vonnegut special feature.

Thanks to the kind editors Adam Bogar and Rebeka Sara Szigethy whose mission statement is –

. . . to popularize the genre of contemporary and (post)modern haiku and to integrate it into the Hungarian critical and theoretical discourse. On the one hand, we provide a venue for haijin writing in Hungarian to explore and push the boundaries of, and experiment with, the genre of haiku; on the other . . . read more here – https://haikukontinuum.com/

Do read, submit to, and enjoy this wonderful journal.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy writing!