Astute- from LIGHT – A journal of photography and poetry

Trees are earth maidens, eternally grounded and looking to the sky. It seems they are born with a much significant purpose than we humans can ever think of. All we can think of is why we need to preserve them for our own selfish needs.

Other than being useful to others they must have some purpose of their own why they are born. Though life for trees starts deep down the earth as tiny seeds, and then roots, once they break the earth only sky is the limit. Trees must be the only creation that are half in the earth and half above. If we see a healthy and beautiful tree it’s only because lot of hard work happens hidden from our eye.

This was the first thing that came to mind when Light journal was themed on ‘wisdom’. What better wisdom than of a tree😌

Sharing my poem astute which appeared in Light.

Happy weekend and happy writing to you all!