haiku- nurture

How do we practice without preaching? In the sleepless and tireless world of nature, love and care are practised in gracious silence. Nature schools us in the most unique way!

pc- pixabay

morning sun softens

on tender green leaves

nature practises

This is for Ronovan weekly haiku prompt- nurture and nature.

Have a nurturing week ahead 🙂


Images- Uttara Kannada

Blessed are those who wake up to sunrises as these! Tucked away from the urban chaos and pollution is a picturesque village Navilgone, in the Uttara Kannada district along the west coastal plains (konkan) of the state of Karnataka. It’s a privilege to walk along the winding streets dotted with quaint homes on either side- seasoned, tiled-roofs, and surrounded typically by areca nut, coconut and banana plantations. An endearing sight we love to return to anytime.

As far as a few minutes’ walk from the habitation, is a stretch of open space. Walking along the earthy trail, dewy grass grazing our feet is something more than a dream. The icing on the cake is when the Sun makes an appearance and steals the show.

A befitting end would be to catch the Sun setting in the Arabian Sea. (Vannalli beach, Kumta), and we did.

The most amazing poems aren’t written in words.