Haiku – Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, Haiku Dialogue, Asahi Haikuist Network

Sharing these haiku with thanks to the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, Asahi Haikuist Network – Prof. McMurray , and Marietta McGregor, KjMunro and team Haiku Dialogue. Truly blessed to see these little poems received with warmth. 😇🙏

Asahi Haikuist Network

The next one is a fun prompt from hellokoo. I just gave it a try! The picture is created by me with Procreate … again a novice at it.

mint blue m & m’s

on cotton candy ice cream

cherry blossom day

This is an old painting of mine in poster colours to which I have added my poem.

elements . . . how we shape what shapes us

Wish you all a thinking Thursday and a happy and healthy weekend ahead 😊


Haiga – egret symbolism

My random net browsing led me to an egret picture and an interesting write up on the symbolism of egrets. I was wondering if some or all of them were even true, the theories around what they suggest when they appear in one’s dreams in specific ways. Like an egret in flight, an egret on one foot etc. Hope this link works for an interesting read


and this


hobby art with procreate

That I could not decide whether to go with the totems perhaps reflects in my haiga. Read from the beak I get one dimension, and from the feet another!

happy mondaying around a mundane 🙂


Attempting to create simple images to go with my haiku. Procreate offers lot more than anyone can imagine. It’s not even a drop in the ocean, what I am doing with it right now. Hoping to get better!

It’s wonderful to have something to learn…something to look forward to…someone to share that with:)

Happy Monday 🙂