taking off from the punway – haiku

Since the past few months I am finding paronomasia very relaxing. Doesn’t sound so much pun, but it is…the proper word for not so proper use of words. It’s an officially unofficial, creative usage of words to bring in humor or irony or simply playfulness. I don’t know how far one could run with pun. But it is all spirity and sporty if exercised with caution.
Beyond what it’s meant for, a fair play, it is anything but punning. If we are keen to be mean then it’s gunning, not punning.

I would rather be punny wise than found foolish not to know the difference between cunning and punning.

Always fun to take to haiku- since it’s been raining, here’s my haiku shooting a rainbow.

rain bows to the sky
walks the earth in dripping shoes
sheltered ‘neath colours

Have a happunning Tuesday!

Lot more pun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pun.