Haiku Dialogue – THF- haiku with commentary from Guest Editor – Carole MacRury

This is a wonderful weekly resource for learning and practicing haiku! Many thanks to the Guest Editor Carole MacRury for including my poem with an insightful commentary.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend! Happy writing 🙂


Haiku – Asahi Shimbun & Haiku Dialogue

Featured on this week’s Haiku Dialogue

The. Theme for this week was Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani mountain Vindhya – an art work by Nalini Malani.

The world still reeling under covid , this is for and from all those who lost their loved ones due to lack of medical attention and infrastructure.

Thanks to Pippa Phillips for the wonderful prompt and also the fine commentary on my haiku. Couldn’t have asked for more empathy ♥️

Published in Asahi Shimbun

The theme for the current issue of the Asahi haikuist network hosted by the very kind and encouraging David McMurray was maple syrup. I have tried to reflect the similarity between the maple tree from which maple syrup is born and a woman who mothers a child. Thanks to David McMurray for making space for my haiku.

Holding on to poetry like never before in the state the world is now…as if covid war wasn’t enough …

Praying for peace and good health 🙏

On Haiku Dialogue this week

Very happy to be included in the haiku dialogue this week. The prompt was an art installation from Ai Weiwei themed on sunflower seeds. The porcelain seeds though look similar are very different from each other.

What that brought to my mind was a family photo where we all look different but have the same gene inside.

It was interesting!

Happy thinking Thursday everyone! 😊😇