Thinking out loud

A wee book of poems, some new poetry and short stories old into writing, rolling a blog felt more like an extension, yet another dimension. I did do some homework, as in browsed and read a number of blogs. One feature I noticed was common in them. Blogs were more about loud thinking.

If genre writings are, say, peeled diced and ready to eat packaged vegetables, blogs are more like plucking them fresh off the farm. Earthier and right from the heart. It’s very subjective, but I relate more to the rawness in presentation and expression than to the spic and span I–challenge-you-to-find-an-error kind of writing. A blog post seems more appealing in a straight-from-the-mind mode. It’s like the excitement of getting your hands on a manuscript before it goes through the grind of publishing. Not to say I don’t have a taste for error free writing or edited stuff. But I can always pick up a bestseller or a favorite author off the shelf to fulfill such a need.

I don’t know if blog posts must be deprived of the polish, but that’s how I like them, more natural and spontaneous. Wandering amidst the posts must feel like walking through tall grass, prickly and tingly up to my knees, rather than walking on obedient manicured lawns. Blog posts, as far as I have noted are breezy in nature. Some blogs talk about grave matters such as mental health, economic and political issues for instance. Not that what’s said isn’t significant or intense but that’s how the content is presented. Not necessarily hitting us in the face and hammering the seriousness of the issues down our heads. Blog posts don’t intimidate the reader. They are more like friends who simply walk with you in your myriad moods and know well how much of them you can take.

When you almost agreed…that inner voice cautions otherwise 😀

I hope you don’t find any contradiction here 🙂
On that note why must I not try my hand at creating a meme from one of the cat pictures from my album! Here’s to my first ever meme! Cheers and have a great time blogging.