on the marsh — Scarlet Dragonfly Journal

on the marsh

a lone swallow shifts

his glance

from blue irises

to the elusive cricket            

— Daya Bhat, India

on the marsh — Scarlet Dragonfly Journal

So happy to be published here. Thank you so much Editor Kathleen Trocmet for publishing my Tankart.

Do visit the link here to read other wonderful poems.


Happy writing everyone! Have a great week ahead 🙂 ❤


Failed Haiku – Issue 78 – Senryu

Failed Haiku has dished out its latest issue 78 themed on food and our connection with it! Guest edited by amazing poet Pippa Phillips it’s a palatable spread of food poems 😊

Delighted and grateful to have my poems published here … thanks to the ever encouraging Failed Haiku Journal editors 🙏😊

From my Insta profile
From my Insta profile

Thank you for being part of my journey in poetry! It means a lot to me😊

Happy weekend and happy writing .

Fresh out magazine – Haiga

Very pleased to have my first published haiga from Fresh Out a magazine publishing visual art and poetry. They have a Facebook page …do check out their fabulous selections and opportunities to have your photo poetry and art published.

Thank you editor Eric Lohman for publishing mine!

From their official Insta profile

This is a digital ipad art created using procreate. Enjoying creating haiga!

Happy writing everyone and happy weekend 😊

BLUEPEPPER- poetry with bite – my poem ‘lichens’

My poem ‘lichens’ has been published here at BLUEPEPPER. Sharing the link and first few lines to my poem. Do read through for other beautiful verses, articles and stories. Thanks to the kind and inspiring editor Justin Lowe!



Little feet join the line
of those leaving
their sky and earth.
As roofs roll into debris
one after another
that we do nothing
is what they will remember.
The rocks . . .

Please visit the link to read the full poem. We all have been expressing this in our own way. I have tried too in this poem.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend 🙂