October poems

The festival of lights is here once again! Poetry, as always, lighting up our souls.

I feel blessed to be able to share my haiku, senryu, haiga, haibun and short poetry from Modern Haiku Journal, Fresh Out Mag, Five Fleas (Itchy poetry blog), Haiku Dialogue, The other bunny and Our Best Haiga. Heartfelt gratitude to the editors of all these wonderful journals, Paul Miller- Modern Haiku Journal, Eric Lohman – Fresh Out Mag, Five Fleas – Roberta Beach Jacobson, Johannes Bjerg – The Other Bunny, Lavana Kray – Our Best Haiga, John S Green – Haiku Dialogue (The Haiku Foundation), Julie Bloss Kelsey – New to Haiku (The Haiku Foundation).

I started writing haiku with Ronovan’s Weekly haiku prompts. I must thank thank them for introducing me to haiku. I started with 5/7/5 traditional haiku and very much enjoyed interacting with fellow poets on Ronovan’s. Then Pure Haiku published one of my haiku and the next was Haikuniverse. Thanks to the editors Freya Pickard and Rick Lupert for making space for my poems.

Since then I have been attempting the contemporary non- 5/7/5 haiku, haiga, haibun and tanka. In the process I have been discovering more and more of myself. I do write free verse too, It’s homecoming!

All the images are digital paintings by me using Procreate tools.

Thank you all for being part of my journey so far. Pleased to share these –

Haiga- Fresh Out Mag

Haiga – Our Best Haiga

Haiga – Fresh Out Mag

Haiga – Our Best Haiga

Haiga – Fresh Out Mag

Haiku/ Haiga – Five Fleas

Senryu/ Haiga – Haiku Dialogue

Senryu – Five Fleas

Senryu – Five Fleas

Senryu – Five Fleas

Senryu – Five Fleas

Monoku – Modern haiku Journal

Haibun – The Other Bunny

Haibun – The Other Bunny

Monoku – Digital art with procreate

Short poem – Five Fleas

New to Haiku is a regular feature on The Haiku Foundation website. Please visit this link to read this wonderful collection of poems edited by Julie Bloss Kelsey which features poems reflecting the self, by amazing poets whose works I admire and look up to. Fortunate to have one of mine listed alongside!


Introduction to the Haiku Mixer!

I also received a digital copy of the Sakura Haiku Anthology which carries poems from the Sakura Haiku Challenge hosted by Office of The Consulate General of Japan. Blessed to have two of my haiku anthologized in the same.

Sakura Haiku Anthology Cover Page

My haiku from the anthology

I am hoping to catch up with regular blogging in the days to come…festive season, moving house, daughter and family visiting us…next couple of months.

Meanwhile happy blogging and poetry time! Have a great Thanksgiving, Diwali and any festival you may be celebrating. Cheers!


Haiku Senryu Haiga and Haibun

Art and poetry sees us through another month and I am very fortunate to have these published in wonderful journals!

Failed Haiku Journal Aug 1st 2022 (Editor- Kelly Moyer)

first draft
of my apology
unwilling goat

Better Than Starbucks Aug 2022 Issue

butterfly –
cosmos to cosmos
the shifting axis

winter mist
on sweet patchouli
I dream of home

nightingale leaves
the crescendo –
missing notes

Editors Vera Ignatowitsch and Kevin McLaughlin @better_than_starbucks for publishing three of my haiku in the current issue of Better than Starbucks journal! Do visit here to read the current issue which includes an imaginary interview with Samuel Taylor Coleridge by Kevin McLaughlin!


The last haiku is written in honour of our own dear dear nightingale Late Lata Mangeshkar 🙏❤️

Haiku Dialogue Weekly Selections (The Haiku Foundation) Aug 3rd 2022, Aug 17th 2022, Aug 31st 2022 – Literary Devices- Editor Alex Fyffe

crayon moons
loose their loops
empty nest

the weeping woman
how we continue
to water the war!?

autumn breeze
my bucket list frees
wish after wish

Asahi Haikuist Network – Asahi Shimbun Editor- Prof. David McMurray 5th Aug 2022

a lost ant
hunting for a way out
of the sugar mound

Failed Haiku Journal Sept 1st 2022 – Editor – Bryan Rickert

our comfort zone
in the shared geography

The Other Bunny- Editor Johannes Bjerg– Haibun


All the miles dotted with volcanoes raised by monosyllables. The last thing I would need on a long-haul flight is one less wing.

at the shore
sandcastles of
all lost one minutes

Visit here to read and submit to this very interesting running blog publishing ‘the other kind of haibun’ https://theotherbunny.blog/

Our Best Haiga is a wonderful place that features Black and White Haiga edited by the kind and inspiring editor – Lavana Kray!


Scarlet Dragonfly Journal – Editor- Kathleen Trocmet

!9th Aug 2022

This is a doodle haiga (not published anywhere!) Just sharing it here. Hope you like it 🙂

Thank you so much for reading through. Have a wonderful week 🙂 🙂

haiku/haiga/haibun – July 2022

A little more than halfway done through 2022. As always poetry-writing and sharing has lessened the clichés of life. I feel truly blessed to have my submissions read by amazing editors. There were rejections too as is the case with submissions. But in the process of interaction with editors, I gathered knowledge, warmth, and useful pointers for which I remain grateful. Acceptances of course are great joy and reassurance.
Combing through my published writing from last few weeks, I found these. Sharing them here to include you in my journey.

This haiga is from Fresh Out, an art and poetry collective co-edited by Eric Lohman! Do visit their facebook page to know submission guidelines! https://www.facebook.com/freshoutmag

This is my digital painting using procreate.

Whiptail is an amazing journal of the single line poem. Very happy to have my poem here in the current issue –

Very pleased to have my single line poem here in the current issue – Editors – Kat Lehmann and Robin Smith

first raindrops end the longing for my native hills

Daya Bhat, India

Do check their site here for an amazing read and submission details


The haiku below is from the weekly Haiku Dialogue selections. Editor Alex Fyffe for the current series.

Do check out their weekly prompts here – https://thehaikufoundation.org/category/features/haiku-dialogue/

Poetry Pea Podcast and Journal edited by the very kind and encouraging editor Patricia McGuire is a very happening place with interesting video interviews, podcasts and much more. Do visit here for more https://poetrypea.com/ Happy to have one of mine in the podcast themed on memories!

Presence is Britain’s leading independent haiku journal. Truly honored to have my haiku included here for the current issue. Very thankful to editor Ian Storr!

Do visit here to know more about Presence – https://haikupresence.org/

Here is another haiga published by Fresh Out. This is an amazing place to submit art, poetry, haiga, shahai!

Digital painting using procreate

Drifting Sands Haibun (https://drifting-sands-haibun.org/ ) is a wonderful journal of Haibun and Tanka Prose. The current issue is edited by Kala Ramesh, a renowned pioneer in the field of haikai literature in India. I feel blessed to have my very first haibun accepted for publication by none other than Kala Ramesh!

Thank you so much for reading through. Have a great weekend and happy writing everyone 🙂

Buttercup sun

There’s a folklore about buttercup flowers.

An excerpt from the article from Steemit.com.


“Legend of Ranunculus: According to this old legend, a Libyan youth named Ranunculus was known for his wonderful performing voice and shocking clothing of yellow and green silk. His voice had the ability to entrance any who heard him sing. One day when singing to a gathering of wood fairies, he turned out to be so enchanted by his own particular voice that the fallen and surrendered the phantom. To respect the fallen youth, Orpheus changed him into the small buttercup that has been known as Ranunculus from that point onward.”

Buttercups have an inherent quality to attract and hold sunlight. When the sun is up high they look literally like light bowls.


I am happy to share my haiku from the Haiku Dialogue of The Haiku Foundation. This is a weekly feature with wonderful prompts. This haiku is themed on Language of Flowers – colour symbolism. The buttercup sun haiku was one among the selectons for the week by Guest Editor Carole MacRury ! I am thankful to her for giving my ‘buttercup sun’ kigo a home. Buttercup sun, as in, the spring sunlight seems to have a yellow tinge, just like yellow buttercup flowers. Absorbing the spring sun buttercups look like light bowls, illuminated and enlightened!

Haiku Dialogue – THF

Here are the rest of my hobby art and haiga experiments.

Have wonderful buttercup sun shining through your week!

Haiku – Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, Haiku Dialogue, Asahi Haikuist Network

Sharing these haiku with thanks to the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, Asahi Haikuist Network – Prof. McMurray , and Marietta McGregor, KjMunro and team Haiku Dialogue. Truly blessed to see these little poems received with warmth. 😇🙏

Asahi Haikuist Network

The next one is a fun prompt from hellokoo. I just gave it a try! The picture is created by me with Procreate … again a novice at it.

mint blue m & m’s

on cotton candy ice cream

cherry blossom day

This is an old painting of mine in poster colours to which I have added my poem.

elements . . . how we shape what shapes us

Wish you all a thinking Thursday and a happy and healthy weekend ahead 😊

Haiku – Asahi Shimbun & Haiku Dialogue

Featured on this week’s Haiku Dialogue

The. Theme for this week was Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani mountain Vindhya – an art work by Nalini Malani.

The world still reeling under covid , this is for and from all those who lost their loved ones due to lack of medical attention and infrastructure.

Thanks to Pippa Phillips for the wonderful prompt and also the fine commentary on my haiku. Couldn’t have asked for more empathy ♥️

Published in Asahi Shimbun

The theme for the current issue of the Asahi haikuist network hosted by the very kind and encouraging David McMurray was maple syrup. I have tried to reflect the similarity between the maple tree from which maple syrup is born and a woman who mothers a child. Thanks to David McMurray for making space for my haiku.

Holding on to poetry like never before in the state the world is now…as if covid war wasn’t enough …

Praying for peace and good health 🙏