Ink Pantry- curators of fine words

Delighted to share my poem published today on Ink Pantry , a fabulous creative platform!

Do check out this link to read my poem and other fine poetry!

Thanks editor Deborah Edgeley for publishing my verse.

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Have a wonderful weekend and happy writing everyone 😊


Astute- from LIGHT – A journal of photography and poetry

Trees are earth maidens, eternally grounded and looking to the sky. It seems they are born with a much significant purpose than we humans can ever think of. All we can think of is why we need to preserve them for our own selfish needs.

Other than being useful to others they must have some purpose of their own why they are born. Though life for trees starts deep down the earth as tiny seeds, and then roots, once they break the earth only sky is the limit. Trees must be the only creation that are half in the earth and half above. If we see a healthy and beautiful tree it’s only because lot of hard work happens hidden from our eye.

This was the first thing that came to mind when Light journal was themed on ‘wisdom’. What better wisdom than of a tree😌

Sharing my poem astute which appeared in Light.

Happy weekend and happy writing to you all!

#hegemony- from the archives of IVJ- 2016

The time I wrote this the country was seeing extreme political upheaval. Even the common man who generally has his head into a regular tax-paying job, typical middle class family issues, work deadlines and an occasional weekend outburst over governance, knit his brows, clenched his fist and teeth and got into cynical name-calling mode. It had to be right or left, and center was called fence-sitting. Sanity went for a toss and it just got too personal when family gatherings too split into right and left. Perhaps someone too cynical I met triggered off this verse from me. It featured in the Indiana Voice Journal Dec 2016 issue. Thinking back I feel happy I wrote it and got it off my chest.

I am trying to collect screenshots of my published poems. Lucky that IVR is going strong and I found this piece. Another one , ‘identity’ featured along with the above is right below.

Indiana Voice Journal Dec 2016- from the archives

Happy wednesday and go to poetry anytime. It’s like homecoming!

Poetry update- accepted by Free Verse Revolution

Excited to share with you all that my poem has found home in Free Verse Revolution Issue IV: hades (the unseen). It was pure fun and fulfilment writing on this theme! Looking forward to the release of the upcoming issue on Hades. We shall be treated to some awesome poetry I am sure. Meanwhile do check out the earlier issues

Thanks to Kristiana Reed for the appreciation, and acceptance of my poem.

Those of you who haven’t stepped into the world of Hades and Persephone do hit the net and choose to lose your way out of the dark alleys.

Happy Monday. Stay healthy and smiling!

Listen…it’s telling us something!

Onion peeling is a therapy wherein you get to the core of the issue after cutting through its layers, one by one. When you peel and chop an onion, literally, you don’t have to swallow your sorrow. You can happily cry because no one can tell onion tears from actual tears. That little irony and relief might in fact make you smile through your tears.

sorrow finds its way
downpour of salt and the sea
onion therapy

Small tricks can come in very handy for kitchen persons. Cooking and cleaning together work like therapy not only for the body but also for the mind. Finding food for soul while cooking leads to unexpected enlightenment, and sometimes quick fixes for the soul.

masterpiece weavers
caught in their own silken trap
cornered in a niche

Profound philosophies are hidden in simple everyday chores. It’s about doing things consciously. Your mind, like an open magnet catches the totems and learns to decode them.

The spider symbolizes maya, the illusion, and in some other contexts, creativity, perseverance, mortality, cunningness and what not! It’s so charmed by its own abilities that it gets entangled in its own web. Cornered in all senses, it’s busy creating its own niche. The irony is that the niche so architected to perfection stays hidden in the darkest alleys. Something that is so purely personal and self-centered can never hold a beacon to the world. As is destined to be, a light breeze sweeps it off casually like it were nothing.

Happy Monday, stay safe and healthy. Heal from within and help heal.

winning titles

Recently a dear person from my extended family exclaimed how I had inherited a bleak streak of the passion for writing from my father, and fairly good skills at multi tasking, sewing and cooking from my mother! Such a relief to hear after putting behind me a little over half a century! That’s such a delicate responsibility…carrying star images of the genes we are born with.

Genes are what they are…mixed bag of urchins and fairies. Life is always a work in progress until we have tamed our urchins! Bad…blame it on the genes. Good…well, grab the limelight. The real shifts must happen within. Some battles are fought alone…when the enemy lives within.


The first fight
with my own genes.
Wind rasping around
roughs and sharps
returns to the sky
like a wounded tigress.
What time have I
for the clanging of
my world’s discord!
What words have I
for my world
locked in silence!

I lose singing rivers,
dancing rains, to quieting
of the foes within.
The anthem of unweeded land
grows louder and louder.
When would win I
the gossamer of my own weave!

Happy weekend and may our good genes rule us.

To poetry…again…

Vacuum burns in countless homes, hearts tossing and turning through Covid nightmares. Shoulders, of fear, shying away from loved ones. Where have we heard that before! Where have we heard you can’t kiss your loved one one last time! Something more cruel, more cruel than the cruelest a mind can imagine, lingers in the air. Abstract demon dancing away to gory. In such unending grief what can be more painful than looking to chain a few parched words.

Free stock photo of Sun rise at a beach

There’s no death like seeing a dear die
but memory keeper,
you have made many a wonderful.

they live greenly ever after.
After him, after her
and after you!

to thank the heavens.

to rise blue.
To rise and fall
like the ocean.
To rise again
fall is an odd
never an end.

With earnest condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones! May we all find the strength of mind in prayer and hope.

Make as many beautiful memories as you can. That’s what will stay with you forever…untouched.

River Twin

I haven’t been posting much for the last few weeks. The next couple of months might sway in the same direction. But I feel very happy to share with you all that my second book of poems- River twin is finally published. The book will be available in paper back and ebook formats on Amazon and other portals.

Currently the ebook listing is here

And this is where you can order the Kindle edition

Kindle Edition- Rs 75

Please do buy, read and reach out.

Have a fantastic poetry time and wishing you all a great week ahead 🙂

Hoping to get back on my poetry feet soon!

River twin- Second book of poems

Looking forward to happy and inspiring times for poetry beginning 2020. My second book is due to be out soon. Looking forward to share more details.

My first book of poems, A maiden of 29, was published by Writers Workshop India. Based out of Kolkata it’s an honour my poetry found home with them. This news dates back to 2013 Dec. Six years later I feel very happy to share about my second book of poems ‘River twin’ which is forthcoming shortly. ( ) is bringing out my book via their Wordit Art Fund. I am honoured to be associated with them.

Since three years I was looking out for a publisher. Having sent out my manuscript to several places and got mixed responses regarding the amount of money I had to invest, I had been skeptical if I would find a home for my second book. But the long wait has ended in a happy twist.

I have shared a link of the said publisher in case someone, like me, has also been sailing in the same boat.

About our River twin- she will be a happy blend of long and short poetry. The book will also include my poems published in literary journals along with unpublished and new poetry.

My first book of poems could be ordered here.

You can also find a review of my book here.

Thanks for sharing my joy everyone and keep writing.

Daya Bhat