River twin- Second book of poems

My first book of poems, A maiden of 29, was published by Writers Workshop India. Based out of Kolkata it’s an honour my poetry found home with them. This news dates back to 2013 Dec. Six years later I feel very happy to share about my second book of poems ‘River twin’ which is forthcoming shortly. BecomeShakespeare.com ( https://www.becomeshakespeare.com/ ) is bringing out my book via their Wordit Art Fund. I am honoured to be associated with them.

Since three years I was looking out for a publisher. Having sent out my manuscript to several places and got mixed responses regarding the amount of money I had to invest, I had been skeptical if I would find a home for my second book. But the long wait has ended in a happy twist.

I have shared a link of the said publisher in case someone, like me, has also been sailing in the same boat.

About our River twin- she will be a happy blend of long and short poetry. The book will also include my poems published in literary journals along with unpublished and new poetry.

My first book of poems could be ordered here. https://www.writersworkshopindia.com/tag/daya-bhat/

You can also find a review of my book here.

Thanks for sharing my joy everyone and keep writing.

Daya Bhat



Hyperboles are iced cakes in virtual markets. 
Well-manicured monopoly
     only hate in finger nails...no blood trails
     only the lust for omnipresence in a wart-sized world.
Sell what sells best
     names look good in bold italics.
     You know the worth of your name.
     Here your fingers burn a night lamp
     and there a door opens to the wolves. 
You have nothing to lose
     you never belonged to any of these rooms.
     But when you have to answer that eye
     locked in fear to the rosewood door 
     look away...walk away.
What free tongue 
     that can’t simply liberate itself from its own dark alleys
     that has no vision beyond its own leaning.
Leeways of an eclipsed moon
     growls of the sorry moorland
     strands of silk lost in the ruffian bronze.

You must know
     the house you live in is not yours alone.
     How many suns more we need to see together.
     How many crops of bajra we need to reap together. 
Here we are. You and I.
     I’m pinching my eye for a horseshoe
     and you burn the last straw.
Here we are. You and I
     one soil 
     one allegiance.
No crannies 
     no room for split talk.
     to earn the ground beneath your feet
     and then it doesn’t take long to love.
     how far stretched can a war be with oneself.

(published in "New Asian Writing" and "Indiana Voice Journal")


I wouldn’t call you a nymph of the Orkney folklore
     or a mermaid of the mythical sea.
     Nothing fancy about losing both worlds! 
Living on the periphery does strange things to you
     a line of fiction
     a horizon
     a fringe
          time, nothing but a pretty satin ribbon in your fingers
          dress the falcon’s wings
          the Pegasus cloud and your own ashen feet.
     an empty epoch
          ravaged sinful torn sullied.
     a grey fable
          and a glow-worm city turns into forest fire.

The devils dance on your brows
     the calm
     the frolic
          an illusion of the yaksha.
     Back in the yard
          drum beats
          sweat beads 
               and rivers turn crimson.

I wouldn’t call you a genie of the lamp
     nothing fairy about a wanton wish
          a rub of the thumb
     nothing fairy about turning a kingdom into a sepia map
          a scroll of lost identity
     nothing fairy about letting the moths eat the borders.

(published in Indiana Voice Journal)


A maiden of 29 (Writers Workshop, India- 2013)

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Everything that exists, physical or metaphysical, expresses itself in various forms. It’s a wonder how the sky, the clouds and the rain become one another’s language of expression. The colour spectrum VIBGYOR is how a rainbow expresses itself. We know the stories of a tree by its trunk, leaves, roots, flowers and fruits. Flowers speak in colours, fishes in glides and the oceans in waves. If we look around us everything seems to be expressing one thing or the other. An open door, a shut window, fluttering drapes and seasoned walls…they are all telling us something. We must have the intent to listen and understand.

I try and find my expressions in poetry and painting. Better late than never it’s a sense of relief that I can say it with poetry anytime. I have a book of poems, ‘A maiden of 29’ published by the Writers Workshop, Kolkata, India. My new poems have appeared in places I have mentioned under publications. Some of the journals have either closed down or perhaps moved to other addresses.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find something that interests you.

“My real self wanders elsewhere, far away, wanders on and on invisibly and has nothing to do with my life.”

― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha