It’s only human to think that our existence has impacted our surroundings, and we are here to leave an undying impression. On the contrary, what we gather in a lifetime is a mere understanding, most times a petty fraction, of the environment we live in. While we must be jubilant of the path we have traveled, of the marks we have left on time, and of our ability to sustain life in totality, we must know we are all controlled by a larger force. Our achievements, our findings, our understanding are as vulnerable and temporary as the patterns the wind creates on sand.

But winds must blow across the deserts, new patterns must form. Sand is the wind’s kaleidoscope! Dunes must fall and rise, and touch the sky. History may be prone to haze but we must walk the sands.

This haiku for Ronovan’s weekly prompt sand and haze. This picture from my album, brought back memories of golden dunes sparkling under the Dubai Sun.

spoor in sandy haze

rises to the Sun-

windblown history

Have a golden week ahead!


Wake up with a song on your lips like the morning bird. Rather than saying all we have to ourselves is a new day , sing we have a new day all to ourselves. Everything is either taken or given.

Haiku for the Ronovan weekly prompt mess and intense, almost hanging from the edge of a hectic week.


blackbird dawn chorus

quiets the inner chaos

launches fresh fervor

Have a freshly baked week. Stay healthy and smile through!


Winter is setting in slowly, almost parallel to an unending monsoon. The sky still going grey and breaking into drizzles. Last few seasons were a lot less rain than usual. The sky seems to be pouring down all its pent up anecdotes to the earth. This means well into winter the showers are still prompting rain haiku. One for the persistent storyteller!

pc pixabay

grey heart sky breaks down

leaves me a thousand squares

asking to be read

November closes with one of the most heartwarming rain stories. Read, reflect and reminisce!

blue green

pc- pixabay

A haiku for the water child gurgling her way to who knows where. Not a wink of sleep for the green guardians.

green hills sleep in peace

little child of the valley

whereto you amble

This haiku for the weekly Ronovan prompt- ‘peak and valley’

May your joy rise from the valley and may the peaks echo your laughter! Have a great week ahead 🙂

haiku- nurture

How do we practice without preaching? In the sleepless and tireless world of nature, love and care are practised in gracious silence. Nature schools us in the most unique way!

pc- pixabay

morning sun softens

on tender green leaves

nature practises

This is for Ronovan weekly haiku prompt- nurture and nature.

Have a nurturing week ahead 🙂

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the water diaries

rise and fall of ocean mist


I am attempting a haiku challenge for the first time! Look forward to try out more of these interesting prompts going forward. Thanks to Ronovan writes 🙂

All gratitude for the thought provoking picture.

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