Ink Pantry- curators of fine words

Delighted to share my poem published today on Ink Pantry , a fabulous creative platform!

Do check out this link to read my poem and other fine poetry!

Thanks editor Deborah Edgeley for publishing my verse.

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Have a wonderful weekend and happy writing everyone 😊


BLUEPEPPER- poetry with bite – my poem ‘lichens’

My poem ‘lichens’ has been published here at BLUEPEPPER. Sharing the link and first few lines to my poem. Do read through for other beautiful verses, articles and stories. Thanks to the kind and inspiring editor Justin Lowe!


Little feet join the line
of those leaving
their sky and earth.
As roofs roll into debris
one after another
that we do nothing
is what they will remember.
The rocks . . .

Please visit the link to read the full poem. We all have been expressing this in our own way. I have tried too in this poem.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Astute- from LIGHT – A journal of photography and poetry

Trees are earth maidens, eternally grounded and looking to the sky. It seems they are born with a much significant purpose than we humans can ever think of. All we can think of is why we need to preserve them for our own selfish needs.

Other than being useful to others they must have some purpose of their own why they are born. Though life for trees starts deep down the earth as tiny seeds, and then roots, once they break the earth only sky is the limit. Trees must be the only creation that are half in the earth and half above. If we see a healthy and beautiful tree it’s only because lot of hard work happens hidden from our eye.

This was the first thing that came to mind when Light journal was themed on ‘wisdom’. What better wisdom than of a tree😌

Sharing my poem astute which appeared in Light.

Happy weekend and happy writing to you all!

Ghostlight- my haiku is happy to be included here!

Welcome to the first theme for 2022 – Ghostlight, inspired by Troi David Loy’s beautiful fractal. Thank you to all 34 writers who submitted a total …


Thanks to Freya Pickard for picking my haiku for the current theme ‘ghostlight’. Happy to be amongst fine haiku poets. It will be an interesting and appetizing haiku menu I’m sure.

Once again, happy new year and cheers 🙂

Travelling with poetry…

into the new year! Tying up the loose ends, and knitting the fringes of a setting year with the rising one. Though poetry makes it a seamless journey, there shall be pauses and lulls and line breaks. Taking it all as it comes…here we stand at the threshold of another verse trying to decipher the lyrics of a song yet to unfold.

Wish you all a very happy new year. I am sure He plans to keep us all strong for the spread.


This poem Incognito from Free Verse Revolution. Thanks to Kristiana for including this piece.