Fresh out magazine – Haiga

Very pleased to have my first published haiga from Fresh Out a magazine publishing visual art and poetry. They have a Facebook page …do check out their fabulous selections and opportunities to have your photo poetry and art published.

Thank you editor Eric Lohman for publishing mine!

From their official Insta profile

This is a digital ipad art created using procreate. Enjoying creating haiga!

Happy writing everyone and happy weekend 😊


Travelling with poetry…

into the new year! Tying up the loose ends, and knitting the fringes of a setting year with the rising one. Though poetry makes it a seamless journey, there shall be pauses and lulls and line breaks. Taking it all as it comes…here we stand at the threshold of another verse trying to decipher the lyrics of a song yet to unfold.

Wish you all a very happy new year. I am sure He plans to keep us all strong for the spread.


This poem Incognito from Free Verse Revolution. Thanks to Kristiana for including this piece.

How to go…in a poem

Going is a responsible task. We go out of a space physically, mentally or metaphysically or in any ratio of proportion of the three. If we haven’t gone well we haven’t gone at all. We are lingering around… sweet, bitter or bittersweet. Most of us know how to go when we know where to go. But knowing how to go when we just have to go, without knowing where to, is the real challenge. Sounds complex but breaking it down to basics makes it much easier. The inevitable part is that we must go and that we do not know where to go. So the only part that remains to be tackled is how to go. By default we are all allowed only to go gracefully, and without much chaos…inner I mean.

Simply trust the fact that we find our silence, if not silence finds us sooner or later, and we dissolve into it. Also trust the fact that problems have a shelf life too. Whether it’s the people, or problems, or both, each one comes with an expiry date and a handling instruction. We might completely miss the latter as it’s cryptic. If not read well the going might get really tough.

[An aside about problem- be careful with whom you share your problem. I have heard people say, initially they had one and three more for having shared with three dear ones. There’s no need to say they ended up solving the later three all their life and the first one was only fate’s bait!]

Coming back to going, I have observed that some unhappy, unpleasant people never go. Especially when they don’t take themselves completely with them. Their words and deeds, fossils in time.

After me…
to keep me away from you
start today…start now
forget making memories with me!
If you are the blessed one
when I go
I will take myself completely with me.
Until then what we have
is a demon shadow on the wall
threatening to eat
your already dwindling hope
and my sinking light.

Have a wonderful week. What may come and what may go is only for the weak!

Summer haiku

Melting Snow Wallpapers - Top Free Melting Snow Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

nose melting away

mountain vows you are Sunner

Summer’s some other

While life seems to be slipping away from closed fists, more hopeful things are happening elsewhere. Winter writes ice haikus on mountains and Summer willingly gives them away to the lakes. Lakes send cloud haikus back to the sky and Monsoons again give them away to the lakes. Seasoned so, we learn …life never ceases in reality. So do haikus. Metamorphosis!

My haiku says she would rather have an apostrophe.

What a catastrophe has been averted!

Have a haikuful day 🙂

Intentions and theories

Intention is the nucleus around which theories are built…theories of convenience…theories of compulsiveness and impulsiveness…theories of righteousness and charity. These theories collectively become a school of thought, and culture of a set of people. A school of thought so born may influence/ represent one whole country, a state, a city, a family, or the smallest possible social entity such as one individual.

Man In Mirror Clipart | Free Images at - vector clip art online,  royalty free & public domain

We are out in the society holding a mirror to ourselves. It is strange that the image we see of ourselves is far more perfect and different from what the world sees. Everyone except us sees the imperfections we reflect.

Our intentions manipulate our words and deeds. It is of utmost importance that we identify our intentions beyond their garb of nicety. Often our intentions are rolled in layers of self-centeredness in the inside but present themselves as good Samaritans. When negative intentions float around us it’s hard not to give in. By practice we can bring in some kind of mental regime. Identifying a negative or selfish intention is a great beginning to curbing the release of the same, and the resulting ill effect thereafter. That achieved we are prepared to identify such intentions in others. But may the schooling begin for self at first.

Similarly people will always know if we are downplaying our virtues. Our way of thinking is a watermark that appears in everything we do. But positive intentions seldom are cause for worry.

Intentions drive actions

Actions are irreversible

May they reflect nobility.

Intentions derive theories

Theories lead to practices

Practices lead to norms

May they reflect righteousness.

In the end human nature is bound by its own weaknesses. We always come up with a reason and logic to support our intentions. If we are not in agreement with something, in spite of it having the potential of doing good to us and the society, we find a reason not to do it even before thinking of a fair motivation to do it. Similarly if we are inclined towards doing something, even if it has the magnitude of bringing down our own image, we don’t wait for a reason. On the contrary we would have already done it before finding a justification.

Intentions are powerful tools that can either break or make us. If we mind, we can make them our strengths. We can eliminate the difference between the real and the virtual image of ourselves. The need is only to rise beyond our own interests.

Thanks for reading through. May we all be led by the angel in us.