Buttercup sun

There’s a folklore about buttercup flowers.

An excerpt from the article from Steemit.com.


“Legend of Ranunculus: According to this old legend, a Libyan youth named Ranunculus was known for his wonderful performing voice and shocking clothing of yellow and green silk. His voice had the ability to entrance any who heard him sing. One day when singing to a gathering of wood fairies, he turned out to be so enchanted by his own particular voice that the fallen and surrendered the phantom. To respect the fallen youth, Orpheus changed him into the small buttercup that has been known as Ranunculus from that point onward.”

Buttercups have an inherent quality to attract and hold sunlight. When the sun is up high they look literally like light bowls.


I am happy to share my haiku from the Haiku Dialogue of The Haiku Foundation. This is a weekly feature with wonderful prompts. This haiku is themed on Language of Flowers – colour symbolism. The buttercup sun haiku was one among the selectons for the week by Guest Editor Carole MacRury ! I am thankful to her for giving my ‘buttercup sun’ kigo a home. Buttercup sun, as in, the spring sunlight seems to have a yellow tinge, just like yellow buttercup flowers. Absorbing the spring sun buttercups look like light bowls, illuminated and enlightened!

Haiku Dialogue – THF

Here are the rest of my hobby art and haiga experiments.

Have wonderful buttercup sun shining through your week!


Fresh out magazine – Haiga

Very pleased to have my first published haiga from Fresh Out a magazine publishing visual art and poetry. They have a Facebook page …do check out their fabulous selections and opportunities to have your photo poetry and art published.

Thank you editor Eric Lohman for publishing mine!

From their official Insta profile

This is a digital ipad art created using procreate. Enjoying creating haiga!

Happy writing everyone and happy weekend 😊

Haiga – egret symbolism

My random net browsing led me to an egret picture and an interesting write up on the symbolism of egrets. I was wondering if some or all of them were even true, the theories around what they suggest when they appear in one’s dreams in specific ways. Like an egret in flight, an egret on one foot etc. Hope this link works for an interesting read


and this


hobby art with procreate

That I could not decide whether to go with the totems perhaps reflects in my haiga. Read from the beak I get one dimension, and from the feet another!

happy mondaying around a mundane 🙂


Attempting to create simple images to go with my haiku. Procreate offers lot more than anyone can imagine. It’s not even a drop in the ocean, what I am doing with it right now. Hoping to get better!

It’s wonderful to have something to learn…something to look forward to…someone to share that with:)

Happy Monday 🙂