Abstract #opportunity

What do we think of people who live by the sea and choose to be water-blind? And people who live by rainbows and choose to be colour-blind? Living in closed boxes where our comfort zone is the only window can gradually shut us out from the rest of the world. Unless we open ourselves up to new possibilities, new ways of looking at things, we will only grey, not grow.

Covid has made us to reflect upon life like never before. The books we read, the paths we tread now have different stories to tell. It’s time to bring in the change that might help us an iota to sustain. To unlearn and learn there are plenty of opportunities only if we have the willingness to see.


How do we identify an opportunity?

Opportunities are abstract and don’t make a center-stage appearance under a spotlight. Neither do they come gift-packed and labelled. It requires a genuine urge to find an opportunity whether it is to better our personal lives or professional lives. When we are mentally prepared to welcome an opportunity, we always find one. Maybe not in plenty, maybe not at arm’s length, but enough to trust that there are.

The bigger hurdle is not the lack of an opportunity but not identifying it when there’s one.

Brown Jest for You Box

Victim cards not accepted here please

Many times, especially when things seem like they are falling apart and nothing is going right, we feel deprived. When we look around us it seems as if, except to us, life has been kind to everyone. Every other person looks like a privileged king for whom opportunities are being served hot off the oven. Aroma of success on the tip of his nose…drizzle of achievement on the tip of his tongue…Hmm…people are having it so easy. That’s how it appears.

Time to shake off self-pity and stop behaving like victims of circumstances.

If we resolve to make things better for ourselves, we can change a few things if not everything at once.

Utilise, don’t eulogise.

The biggest hurdle is the same since ages…having an opportunity, identifying it but not utilising it in time. No justification is good enough to explain our laxity. Lest we want to spend the rest of our lives eulogising something we let go, that would have turned our fortune forever! Absolutely no use crying over a lost opportunity. Better don’t lose one.

Once a loser… twice a willing loser

Learn from past experiences. If we are always in a dearth of opportunities and find ourselves often at the receiving end of life, it’s time to crown the blame upon ourselves. It’s easy to pretend we never had a chance to alter anything in our lives. It’s easy to ignore all the inspiration that fairied its way to us. But the difficult part is saved for later, again, only as a lesson. A lesson we deliberately don’t learn anything from.

Let us not be willing losers!  

Thanks for reading and have a week full of unending happy possibilities! Cheers!