Haiku inside

I was scrolling through my Insta feed yesterday and found this absolutely intimidating question by speaking tree- What one thing will you surely do if it was your last day?
I asked myself- will this question sound better if it’s worded- what one thing will you do if it was surely your last day? So yes, that’s the official answer to the official question! One thing I would surely do is to make sure if it’s actually my last day. It’s hilarious how we smirk these obvious questions off with – Oh don’t throw these hypothetical situations at me. The reason being, we aren’t prepared for them. We tend to think another day is waiting in the wings to cock a doodle doo and we can yawn our way through. The irony is, we and our last day, both shall pass like a catastrophe. If we aren’t lucky enough, we might hear someone say- this too shall pass.

dew pearl on the leaf
tied to the mercurial wind
this tide too shall pass

I always go to haiku if what’s on the mind is grave. Cut out all the clutter and guess what, we are right at the core. Just like we know all that must happen for the sky to open and rain.