The mind game

When memory throws tantrums…

Catch the brat gently by its horns and ask that it behaves. Mnemonics are good nutri bytes to munch on. Has worked for me most of the times. When random access is elusive the sequential access trick comes in handy. Trying to remember names of acquaintances and places seems like a task going down the mid fifty mark. Vowel sounds and alphabets help a great deal in getting you to the Eureka moment.

More or less everyone passes through this nightmare. I wonder if it has something to do the phase we are in at a point. Almost set to retire, children settled well, and the world around being extra kind to our forgetfulness…What better recipe to cake up a weathering mind!

Memory begins to take things for granted, somersaulting, flip-flopping and what not. Yes, and selective memory is one big symptom which gives away what it’s hiding behind those grey folds. We never forget things meant to be forgotten and never remember things meant to be remembered.

Things done in full mindfulness stay forever. Making sure we have our head well into what’s needed to be on top of the memory stack is crucial. Especially when there’s a constant influx of information overload in today’s world of seamless connectivity. Letting go of negative elements is a trustworthy tool which flushes out the toxic and makes space for meaningful storage.

The internet genie has spoilt us a lot more than we can imagine. Everything appears before our eyes with a click. The spell checks, grammar checks the social media reminders and prompters have all taken over as our permanent memory system. The temporary memory files are just full of uncertain mumbles, and jumbles of memory noodles slipping off the fork and going nowhere.

Tell yourself that it’s alright if you can’t remember a few things. Know that people around you can’t make you retrieve all the information you have gathered, from cradle to college to corporate, on gun point. If they continue to shoot off their heavenly tongues leave them to it.

Last but not the least there are people more forgetful than us. They test our limits by scaring us that we forgot something they have never told us in the first place! Be ware of this kind and learn to identify them for your own good. We need to accept that with advancing age the mind and body need to be dealt with like little children. Discipline the mind, find a regime and stick to it. A good diet of positivity and we are set to tame the brat, and wear it like a hat.

Have a memorable day you all!