#thinking thursday

Life prompts us to pause and think more often than we notice. We must have the mindfulness to catch the clue. So caught up in racing ahead, so caught up in climbing up, we haven’t paid attention to the bruises that needed timely healing. We haven’t realized how many times we shattered to pieces and life was kind. It gave us time to gather ourselves.

Life’s truth unfolds slowly. A small buzz inside tells us it’s time to sit back and reflect. The buzz snowballs into an urgent need until we can no more ignore. Only when we take a step back we realize we have perhaps been overdoing things and running far beyond we can.

We all have a perception of perfection. That which is always at arm’s length. A little more effort, a little more time and we have it sorted, is what keeps us on our toes. We don’t realize that we have actually arrived at our expectation but we have continued to seek. That happens because we have further pushed our idea of perfection. We have set new challenges, new MUST HAVEs, and the marathon continues. But how far can one run! There comes a time when the body stops co operating with our crazy mind. The gaps begin to show, between what we had set out to do and what we have actually accomplished.

Far beyond our prime time when most things can’t be changed, there’s a need to accept and respect the distance we have come. Standing in the midst of a desert and craving for a handful of sand, sitting by the ocean and craving for water, is a sense that sets in midway. We sway wildly between ‘There’s everything’ and ‘There’s nothing’. And there’s still the elusive perfection taunting us from the tip of some mountain. Be sure, nobody has climbed that to claim how life seems from the top. If someone thinks so they are under the spell of an illusion. Despite the pretence people put on to show off ‘perfect’ lives they know where their shoes bite. Thanks to social media where each one is trying hard to project the ‘perfection’ in their lives to the best of their talents. It needs a deep sense of sanity to look beyond what meets the eye.  

we must remind ourselves often-

The ingredients of a happy and fulfilling and contented life vary from person to person. Insulate yourself from people who claim to have ‘perfect’ lives. Know that behind the ‘perfect’ picture many flaws HAVE been hidden. Therefore there’s desperation to display, in the first place! More the perfection, more the flaws. Remember to never get carried away by another’s idea of happiness. You set the rules, you set the pace, you define happiness and you define success. Look back once in a while and cherish your journey. You have been part of the struggles of your loved ones. You have been part of their lives in their moments of joy. You have shared their smiles and tears. You couldn’t be more blessed than this.

Being blessed is not about being rich, successful or being in a constant state of illusion of having an ‘ideal’ job/husband/wife/children/family. Being blessed is about getting an opportunity to touch the lives of our loved ones. Being blessed is about gathering the blessings of our loved ones. By loved ones I don’t mean a selfish little world of our own family. ‘Loved ones’ includes all humanity. Being blessed is about BEING THERE for everyone as much as humanly possible.

I am not sure if I took off on a tangent. One of those days when you feel the need to share! Something everyone knows but saying it becomes a compulsion.