It’s only human to think that our existence has impacted our surroundings, and we are here to leave an undying impression. On the contrary, what we gather in a lifetime is a mere understanding, most times a petty fraction, of the environment we live in. While we must be jubilant of the path we have traveled, of the marks we have left on time, and of our ability to sustain life in totality, we must know we are all controlled by a larger force. Our achievements, our findings, our understanding are as vulnerable and temporary as the patterns the wind creates on sand.

But winds must blow across the deserts, new patterns must form. Sand is the wind’s kaleidoscope! Dunes must fall and rise, and touch the sky. History may be prone to haze but we must walk the sands.

This haiku for Ronovan’s weekly prompt sand and haze. This picture from my album, brought back memories of golden dunes sparkling under the Dubai Sun.

spoor in sandy haze

rises to the Sun-

windblown history

Have a golden week ahead!