Listen…it’s telling us something!

Onion peeling is a therapy wherein you get to the core of the issue after cutting through its layers, one by one. When you peel and chop an onion, literally, you don’t have to swallow your sorrow. You can happily cry because no one can tell onion tears from actual tears. That little irony and relief might in fact make you smile through your tears.

sorrow finds its way
downpour of salt and the sea
onion therapy

Small tricks can come in very handy for kitchen persons. Cooking and cleaning together work like therapy not only for the body but also for the mind. Finding food for soul while cooking leads to unexpected enlightenment, and sometimes quick fixes for the soul.

masterpiece weavers
caught in their own silken trap
cornered in a niche

Profound philosophies are hidden in simple everyday chores. It’s about doing things consciously. Your mind, like an open magnet catches the totems and learns to decode them.

The spider symbolizes maya, the illusion, and in some other contexts, creativity, perseverance, mortality, cunningness and what not! It’s so charmed by its own abilities that it gets entangled in its own web. Cornered in all senses, it’s busy creating its own niche. The irony is that the niche so architected to perfection stays hidden in the darkest alleys. Something that is so purely personal and self-centered can never hold a beacon to the world. As is destined to be, a light breeze sweeps it off casually like it were nothing.

Happy Monday, stay safe and healthy. Heal from within and help heal.