Dream march

Dream marches are made of star dust. Winters bring down the curtains on our dreams a bit too soon. Dawn waits in the aisles of coffee nights to invade upon the grand finales of our rainbow dreams, greying the most colorful bit. Definitely not how we want our night long effort to fade out!

How about floating our dreams a bit early, so the stars may carry them on their wings? Beat the blues, dream early, catch the rainbow on time.

pic from pixabay for the weekly Ronovan haiku prompt – dream, march.

I had been chasing a dream…of seeing my second poetry book. After a long wait it has come true. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Kindly excuse me if all my posts run around and stop at my poetry book. I am not sure how well my book does commercially but having it done gives me immense joy.

yawning dawn 🙂

winter’s dawn marches

stars of cerulean sky hide

until it’s dream time

Have a clear cerulean week ahead and happy dreaming 🙂