Advantage is a privilege…

Advantage is a privilege and not one’s right, especially when it’s the result of someone else doing their duty diligently. We can pick up several instances from nature.

Rain is not our right but advantage resulting from a team of dutybound elements in nature, like the ocean, Sun, clouds and trees.

One’s duty cannot be another’s right. It can only be an advantage or privilege at the most and is best honored that way. The moment we begin to exercise our right nature has its own language to tell us where we must draw the line.

wick burns and wax melts
candle genie on duty
light, an advantage

When wednesday came calling this big philosophy tried to pack itself in a little haiku.

Whether its nature or someone’s nature lets honor all those who are doing their duty, be it towards anything or anyone. Working against all odds so others may live in peace.

Happy wednesday, happy wellness day.


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